My name is
Gledsley Müller

I’m a

Gledsley Müller.


Tech Consultancy

Product Strategy,
Product Management &
Software Engineering


Professional Upskilling,
Conflict Resolution,
Public Speaking & Presentations


Difficult Conversations,
Getting Comfortable
with Uncomfortable

Private Classes

Product & Engineering,
Public Speaking


Some of the companies I have worked with.



Some of the people I had the pleasure to work with.

Gledsley genuinely cares about his work and what he produces. He's passionate about learning, teaching and generally about improving himself. He's been a joy to work with across so many projects, and has been my right-hand-man on many an occasion.

Zoë HermanZoë HermanAccount Director at TPXimpact

Gledsley is an excellent mentor. During our professional career together he has expanded my understanding of web development enormously. This is not something I say lightly, as I have always been someone who absorbs knowledge on my own terms, and struggle to take on information when being taught directly.

Zander SankeyZander SankeyDigital Designer at Xtremepush

Gledsley is not only a very knowledgable dev, but he's also an absolute pleasure to work with. I'd call him a 'Creative Developer', as he's got an eye for design and can offer up really valuable contributions to design as well as the build.

Tony AllsoppTony AllsoppDirector & Head of Design at Booost Education

I've never seen anyone with so much thirst for knowledge as he has. He is always researching and quickly applying his newly acquired knowledge to the projects he works on, always pushing the standards forward.

Ezequiel PereiraEzequiel PereiraLead Principal Software Engineer at Culture Trip

On countless occasions I've seen Gledsley use his meticulous eye-for-detail, creative problem-solving capabilities and natural leadership qualities to address a potential project issue, decide on the most appropriate solution and deliver as promised.

Daniel WhitefordDaniel WhitefordVP, Solutions Architecture at Radancy

Gledsley has the right skills and mindset to achieve anything he wants to. He is able to focus on the tasks, assess the missing elements and deliver the best solution which both satisfies the client and the company.

Imre NagyImre NagyHead of Software Engineering at Paythru

I worked directly with Gledsley and he is also my mentor. He supported me through my ups and downs while I was learning to become a web developer. He pushed my limits and helped me a lot in my learning path.

Regner Raphael GakoRegner Raphael GakoSoftware Developer at Dentca

Gledsley is a very passionate and skilled professional. He is dynamic, amusing and draws on his vast experience in development to train our staff and external clients.

Daniel AugelloDaniel AugelloAssociate Director at Zwift