What I can do to help you?

Tech Consultancy

I help businesses enhance their technological capabilities with expert Tech Consultancy. My approach to Product Strategy ensures your tech products align seamlessly with your business goals. In Product Management, I specialize in streamlining development and market delivery, while my Software Engineering expertise focuses on building robust, scalable solutions. Let me guide your technology decisions to drive innovation and business growth.


Through my tailored Workshops, I assist teams in elevating their skills for professional success. I provide Professional Upskilling to keep your team abreast of the latest in tech. My Conflict Resolution workshops aim to improve team dynamics, enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, I offer training in Public Speaking & Presentations, equipping individuals with the tools to communicate effectively and confidently.


In my Keynotes, I inspire and engage audiences with topics crucial for personal and professional development. I cover 'Difficult Conversations,' offering strategies to manage challenging interactions constructively. In 'Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable,' I encourage embracing change as a path to growth. My keynotes are designed to motivate and transform, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

Private Classes

My Private Classes offer a personalized learning experience in key areas. I provide in-depth knowledge in Product & Engineering, blending technical insights with practical applications. For those looking to enhance their communication skills, my Public Speaking classes focus on building confidence and clarity. Additionally, I teach Storytelling techniques to help you craft engaging narratives that captivate and persuade your audience.